Global Antimicrobial Resistance Week

On the occasion of the celebration of the Global Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Week on November 24, 2020, the Burundian Network for the Infection Prevention and Control (RBPCI) brought together in Bujumbura health professionals, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, and community representatives to exchange on the state of the art of antimicrobial resistance in Burundi. The objective of this meeting was to provide participants with essential information on antimicrobial resistance so that they can contribute to the awareness of AMR in the Burundian population.

In his presentation, Dr. √Čric NTIBAHEZWA, Deputy Executive Director of RBPCI, said that AMR poses a global threat to human, animal, development, and food security.
According to the World Health Organization, approximately 700,000 people die each year worldwide from AMR, and the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry forecasts that 10 million people will die every year by 2050 if no concrete action is taken.

RBPCI is working to help in the fight against AMR. The strategies te be implemented are based on:

  • Community awareness on the correct use of antimicrobials;
  • Awareness of compliance with ICP measures, monitoring and follow-up of care-related infections in healthcare facilities;
  • Training Health Care Providers on AMR;
  • Compliance with WASH measures;
  • Advocacy for the availability of affordable diagnostic tests;
  • Advocacy for rigorous regulation of antimicrobial purchase and use.

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