World Antimicrobial Awareness Week – 2021

On the occasion of the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week ’21, the Burundian Network for Infection Prevention and Control (RBPCI) joined other health actors in Burundi to participate in awareness-raising at the community level.  

In the same context, an awareness-raising workshop on the good use of antimicrobials for the Presidents of Grouping of Community Health Workers (GASC) and Technicians for Health Promotion (TPS) in Bujumbura Town Hall was held on 25 November 2021 in the conference room of the FOYER D’ACCUEIL. The Burundian Network for Infection Prevention and Control (RBPCI) joined other health actors in Burundi to participate in awareness-raising at the community level.

The workshop was organized by the Burundian Network for Infection Prevention and Control (RBPCI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Control (MSPLS) in its entities, the Provincial Directorate of Bujumbura Town Hall, and the Burundian Authority for the Regulation of Medicines and Food (ABREMA), under the theme: ALTOGETHER, LET’S FIGHT AGAINST ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE. 

Pharmacist Remy HABONIMANA, delegate of the Director of ABREMA, Theodore NIYONGABO, delegate of the Provincial Doctor of Bujumbura Town Hall, the TPS, and GASC in Town Hall of Bujumbura, journalists as well as members of RBPCI took part.

This workshop is part of a logical continuation of outreach activities in the community on the proper use of antimicrobials and infection prevention in general. RBPCI took the opportunity to raise its voice by partnering with the world in spreading the danger of antimicrobial misuse.

At the beginning of the activities, Mr. Ernest KATIHABWA, Head of Programs at RBPCI addressed a warm welcome and thanks to all participants. He praised the MSPLS and all the other participants for the good collaboration and the combined efforts in the community activities. In his speech, he recalled that the role of the GST, GASC, and community health workers in the fight against antimicrobial resistance is crucial and irreplaceable. The RBPCI will further support Community Health Workers by developing multimodal strategies and training to address antimicrobial resistance, he said.

As for the ABREMA representative, he welcomed the initiative of the RBPCI and reaffirmed the commitment to work with the RBPCI to ensure that the general community is aware of the good use of antimicrobials. He said the misuse of antibiotics accelerates the phenomenon of resistance, as well as bad practices and infection control. He reported that the government has put in place a national action plan and other efforts through the MSPLS. In his module on the scale of AMR in Burundi, he began with the introduction on AMR and focused on the factors that contribute to AMR, the orientations of WHO, AMR in Burundi, and finally the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS.

The activities of the day have succeeded one another in cascade! Mr. Aimée KAVAKURE, pharmacist and founding member of RBPCI took over from the ABREMA Representative to provide participants with essential information on antimicrobial resistance so that they can acquire sufficient knowledge to contribute to raising awareness of the fight against AMR within the Burundian community.

The work in groups marked its presentation methodology with the aim of answering on:

  • What harmful practices are observed in the community that can contribute to AMR?
  • What are good practices to encourage combat AMR?
  • Recommendations.

Following the discussions, participants made the following recommendations:

At the end of the session, the participants expressed their satisfaction with the good holding of the workshop and the richness of the interventions. Mr. Aimée KAVAKURE assured that RBPCI remains available to support GASC and TPS during their outreach meeting with community health workers in their ridings and an organization contact number was provided. This is in order to provide adequate support for AMR awareness activities.

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