World Hand Washing Day

On the occasion of the celebration of World Handwashing Day on 15 October 2020, the RBPCI organized a workshop on handwashing with more than twenty-five participants. The RBPCI Chair introduced the session with a question: “WHY SHOULD WE WASH OUR HANDS”? In fact, he added, more than 80% of the infections associated with care are transmitted through the hands of caregivers. 

Hands are our main link of work, so they are highly exposed and contaminate surfaces.  Critical moments, steps and hand-washing techniques according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization were reviewed together:

  • Before contact with the patient;
  • Before aseptic gestures;
  • After the risk of exposure to biological fluids;
  • After contact with the patient;
  • After contact with the patient environment.

There are other important moments in daily life that each individual must take care to wash his or her hands thoroughly:



  • putting on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment);
  • preparing food;
  • eating;
  • removing PPE;

  • preparing food;

  • cleaning;

  • handling objects;

  • using the toilet;

  • blowing your nose or coughing.

The workshop was closed with a hands-on session using two main techniques:

  • the hand-washing technique used when clean water and soap are available and hands are visibly soiled;
  • hydroalcoholic friction otherwise with a product.

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